"Sounds of electronic Art" is a young series from RADIO.BLAU which is broadcasted every eighth week on a Saturday from 21 - 00 o'clock. For the first time, the series was broadcasted on March 25, 2011. The protagonists are Robert Graichen, also known as "fumé" and Robert Petroschke who is also called "easy.miner".

What are we going to do with the series? First of all, we want to give you an understanding of electronic music which lies at our hearts. Thereby, our top priority is wide-ranging from harmonious, melodical to experimentel via wave, breaks, synth, krautrock, house, tech, pop, ambient and elektronica. Old and new pieces will be presented. In every program, we have different guests which are coming from a local or nationalwide music background and those guests try to give you a deeper insight into eletronic music ...

Dates @ Radio Blau

25. April 2015 /w MoxxoM

07. Mai 2015 /w easy.miner
(1 Stunde extra Mix zur Einstimmung auf die 20 Jahre Radio Blau Veranstaltung in der Ilses Erika)

20. Juni 2015

15. August 2015 (Jubiläum 30 Sendungen)

10. Oktober 2015 /w Electronic Resistance

05. Dezember 2015

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Dates / Event / Sonstiges

08. Mai 2015
SubScience & SofeA Present 20 Years Radio Blau @ Ilses Erika
/w histeppa, cun, fumè, easy.miner

24. Juli 2015
Bio Synth Nature _ Open.Air
/w Isa Wolff & André Auer, Salomé, Yofa & Fouth, Philipp Rmke, Fumé, easy.miner

19. August 2015
Halftime @ Conne Island
/w Fumé & easy.miner

02. Oktober 2015
SofeA @ Ilses Erika
/w Bender, Fumé, easy.miner